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by Psychostick

We are a band that DO music Our name is Psychostick
You wanna be like me? You wanna soften up? Well it ain't easy so you better step your game down, son Whatcha think you know about fuckin' up Take a seat and let me show you how it's not done I can talk the talk, and avoid the walk I can make the same choices and rely on luck Got excuses for days that I'll defend Gonna ride the C- till the bitter end. I scare off all my friends I forget to take my vitamins Life can throw anything at me I will always react the same Get emotional and hang my head in shame. When I get knocked down I get upset about it When I get upset I do nothing about it When I get put down I get obsessed about it I ignore advice from everyone Don't need self esteem, when your pride's enough Cuz I suck Got ya beat at how much I suck I'm the WORST. You think you're just like me? You think you're born to fail? You don't know the lost cause of this hollow shell I'm broken as fuck, I'm damaged goods The burned out Little Engine that Never Could I'm a caged tiger that sits and waits For someone to kindly open the gate I'm the guitar that gently weeps I'm a door mat so wipe your feet on me I can't admit I'm wrong I forget to call my mom Life can throw anything at me I will always react the same Whine online and find someone else to blame When I get knocked down I get upset about it When I get setback I do jack shit about it When I get knocked down I get depressed about it Gonna shut the door and wish that I could die I could off myself but I'm too lazy to to try Cuz I suck I'm pathetic and I also suck Smashing boundaries on how to suck Got Self-diagnosed OCD manic bipolar personality with ADD borderline hyperactive mood swings Impulse control-lacking, antisocial Histrionic narcissistic all-avoidant codependent A.D.D.... hold on, I think I already said that Self-loathing people hating Way too much masturbating Overthinking, overeating Oversleep and drool Cynical, critical Randomly hysterical Miserable My voicemail is always full Scatterbrained, paranoid Chronically unemployed Scared of phone calls and I hate ordering pizza. Way too self-righteous Failing every drug test Issues with trust And I sneeze when I'm nervous When you ask me if I'm okay, I will dodge it relentlessly I'll say I'm fine and I don't need therapy When I get knocked down I get upset about it When I get upset, I lay down and wallow in it When I get walled in, I get cryptic about it I'll keep doing the same things everyday Cuz if I do, I bet things will change Cuz I suck I bet tomorrow that I'll still suck My endlessly complex set of issues gives me a sense of identity Thus I suck No one sucks as much as I suck.
Tuesday 02:05
You know what day it is. It’s undeniably, indisputably, unquestionably, indubitably, undebatably, incontestably, unequivocally, irrefutably, unmistakeably Tuesday. Tell me what’s the day that comes after Monday? Tuesday. Tell me what’s the day that comes before Wednesday? Tuesday. Tell me what’s the day that’s furthest from Saturday? Tuesday. What’s the day that comes once a week? It’s Tuesday, my favorite day of the week. No obligations that affect me significantly Let's hear it for Tuesday! Tuesday, Tuesday, I like Tuesday I like today which is Tuesday TUESDAY! Whatcha got going on on Tuesday? What’s going on on Tuesday? It's Tuesday, my favorite day of the week. Nothing exciting but aggressive monotony. Let's hear it for Tuesday the most average day of the week! Maybe I'll take a nap while I'm doing a load of laundry Tuesday, Tuesday, I like Tuesday Do you like Tuesday too... zday? Tuesday, Tuesday, we like Tuesday This song is about Tuesday! Get it?
Adulting 03:50
I don't wanna adult today Things to fix, bills to pay I just want to stay in bed Play video games, but instead I gotta get up, go to work Put on pants, iron my shirt Warm up my car, did I get gas? Sit in traffic, this jerk won't let me pass I've had enough adulting, no more being grown up for me Let the bills pile up to the ceiling (in PJs) playing Super Mario 3 NO. I can't do that, I gotta DOOO the thing But I don't wanna do the thing! But you gotta do the thing! I'm not gonna do the thing! Adulting is suffering and suffering is not for me Adulting has got to be the purest form of misery I don't wanna do stuff. Doing stuff is stupid A meaningless existence: Doing stuff to live to have to do more stuff You must renew your license plate, utilities need to be paid. STOP. I need a break from the stress, taxes overdue, car needs an emissions test I can't take it anymore! Filthy bathroom floor, and I gotta go to the store Going to the store is such a bore. Paying bills has no thrills. Putting on pants is a torturous dance Being an adult is the worst kind of cult. I'm done with adulting, no more being grown up for me I'm gonna call off work, third day in a row, eating chicken strips, playing Battletoads I'm done with adulting, no more responsibility I'm out of food and money, but I gotta finish season 3 And they fired me. I gotta find a job. I don't wanna get a job! But you gotta get a job! I don't want another job! Spruce up your resume! I hate job hunting! Shave your beard! NO! Adulting is suffering and suffering is not for me Adulting has got to be the purest form of misery I don't wanna job hunt. Job hunting is stupid A meaningless existence: Work a job to live to have to work a job I refuse to get a job, or do adulting stuff I'd rather Erect a couch cushion fortress. Have a staring contest with my cat, Sergeant Snuggles Rewatch all 121 episodes of Lost (still don't get it) Fall asleep with the lights on Eat Ramen straight out of the pack Let the dishes attract fruit flies Make a Youtube page for Sergeant Snuggles I've had it. Don't you dare judge me. Been told since birth, to follow my dreams You're looking at it. I'm living the dream, the lifetime pursuit of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The pursuit of nothing. I don't wanna human today, no more brushing teeth, let them decay Haven't showered in over a week, I don't even wanna think. Just leave me here in bed. Pull the covers over my head. Let the world think I'm dead cuz I'm gonna... I'm finished with adulting, no more being grown up for me. Sergeant Snuggles' Youtube page has a billion views, so I'm getting paid. Give up on adulting, you just gotta follow your dreams. Don't need a job or any skills when your kitty cat can pay the bills. Sergeant Snuggles Passive income
I fucking hate you, you're the worst Everything you do is really annoying If you were drowning, I would smile I don't like you on a personal level I fucking hate you, you're the worst I fucking hate you And if you died I know I'd cry tears of joy from deep inside You'll waste while we celebrate It may seem harsh, but you're a dick Eat shit. Fucking hate you You're a douchebag I hope every time you're barefoot you step on a LEGO Hope every puzzle you make is missing one piece I hope you develop an allergy to sex I hope your children can't learn to read Fucking hate you You're an asshole I wish you'd die, see your family cry Collect their tears in a vial, mix them in a cocktail Dancing on your grave, popping the champagne This one's for you, you piece of shit Douche-canoe, you flying fucking discharge o-ring prick I fucking hate you
Do 01:22
Do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do Hey man, what time is it? It's a quarter half-past Do Aw shit! I'm fifteen minutes late for Do pew pa do! Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do digada digida do Do do do do do do do do do and that's how you do! When it's time to do I know what to do, I just Do do do do do do do do What's wrong with you, not down with the do? Well I got somethin' for you, it goes a little like this: Do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do do digida digiga do Do... do do do do doddo adofa dodofa sfioj240fnq24nfq498qjk4bf Do.
There ain't no party like an introvert party cuz an introvert party don't start. Fridge is stocked with snacks and food Music playlist sets the mood Got a cooler full of booze Friday night, this weekend's mine It's finally time to let loose. It's introvert party time Staying home and being lame Gonna read book or play a video game Dodging social obligations Annoyed by conversations Disrupted by extroverts This one way conversation burns Assaulted by extroverts You bring the yap, I bring the hurt I'm hunted down by "people people" Before the call, my night was peaceful A "bad connection," the call was dropped 'Cuz you bring the talk At the store waiting in line Cheap tequila, salt and lime Texted by my friends all day I'm giving in, I'm going out Being social in my own way It's introvert party time At a barbecue playing on my phone Sneaking out the backdoor alone Let's get together some other day Gonna go back home, and that's where I'll... Surrounded by extroverts Small talk stalkers on high alert Assaulted by extroverts You bring the yap, I bring the hurt Flanked left and right by "people people" Before the swarm my night was peaceful I spot the exit, it's time to walk Cuz' you bring the talk Leave me alone, leave me alone I don't wanna talk to you I just wanna be at home Shouldn't have come out tonight Wish I could block in real life. Introvert panic time My worst fears are coming true Boy, you gonna take a shot out of that shoe! Panic attack anxiety Surrounded by extroverts They wanna fight, it's red alert Assaulted by extroverts Ow! Ow! These punches hurt Flanked left and right by angry people Before the brawl my night was peaceful Knew this would happen, I had a hunch Now they bring the punch
Do you have the balls You were thinkin' with your dick. Thinkin' with your dick. Thinkin thinkin thinkin thinkin thinkin with your dick. Thinkin with your weiner. Thinkin with your schlong Thinkin with your rinky dinky diddley dinky dong You got a broken heart cuz you were thinkin' with your dick You're broke out of cash from spending money with your dick You got a broken nose she had a boyfriend who has a dick Now you're home alone with porn, your right hand, and your dick Thinkin with your sausage. Thinkin with your stick Thinkin with your teeny weenie dinky winkie wick Thinkin with your twinkie. Thinkin with your twig Thinkin thinkin thinkin always thinkin with your dick. Do you have the balls to not listen to your penis. Then you didn't wear protection you were thinkin' with your dick Now it burns whenever you are peeing with your dick She's knocking on your door with news that's gonna make you sick Looks like you knocked her up cuz you were thinkin' with your dick Thinkin' with your pecker, thinking with your prick Congrats you are a father you were thinkin' with your dick Thinkin' with your willy, thinkin' with your wang Now you gotta rethink your life but have to use your brain.
Oh, no! Babies everywhere Everybody's having babies! Crying and pissing and burping and spittin' and fussin' and shittin' while making you rue the day Babies. Too many babies. Listen up everyone, here's the scoop Babies like to turn your money into poop. Newborns all look like aliens They spawn on this planet and abduct your best friend Sleep deprived, want to die, as I rock him to sleep Work all day, rinse, lather, then repeat Sing a lullaby while ignoring the smell Gotta keep the thing alive or you'll end up in jail Babies will whine and cry All day and night What I'm trying to say is I don't wanna have baby That's a "no," not a "maybe" Everybody says I'm crazy Cuz I don't wanna raise a baby. I may end up really lonely But at least I'm not a daddy I don't wanna clean up vomit Or wipe off a poopy heiny. Oh, YEAH! I can get a vasectomy! Denying parents grandbabies Sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers and aunties and uncles all push me to reproduce Chew toys do not pacify Listen up, everyone, here's the deal You're not the one that's gonna end up paying the bills Parenthood's a prison of barf and tears A mandatory minimum of 18 years Overpopulation is rising too So let's add another mouth to compete for food Take a good look at me, tell me now Do we really need another me running around? Babies will break the bank and crush your dreams What I'm trying to say is I don't wanna have a baby That's a "no", not a "maybe" Pay someone to sterilize me That will ensure I have no baby I think I'd rather have rabies Than to rear a human baby All the money I'd be saving Could buy a robot or a puppy So much poop Too much pee No free time No more sleep Kill me
Bacon, egg, and cheese on toast with Sriracha Bacon, egg, and cheese on toast with Sriracha-racha Bacon! Two eggs! Motherfuckin' pepper-jack! On toast! Whole wheat! Breakfast!
Uhhhnngg 00:53
How could you? I stepped into the room to see The truth of you betraying me A guilty look upon your face Lit up by the glow of your laptop screen How could you watch our show without me? Was I not worth waiting for? How can I get caught up to where you are with a whole season or more? How can we talk about our theories when I'm so behind? Now a sea of episodes between us has me lost inside Stream stutter Our bond is buffering and the show can't go on Stream stutter Another broken stream a connection lost You say you'll watch it all again Lie to myself, as I pretend You glance excitedly at me Before every pivotal scene No I didn't know that character died, but I guess I know it now You claim you didn't realize you got mixed up somehow I wish that you could see what your thoughtless binging did to me And you - you think it's all okay although you spoiled everything Stream stutter Connection throttling, and the show can't go on Stream stutter Another frozen screen from a wicked heart I'd wait for you but maybe I Should watch it by myself tonight I'll see the last ones all alone Till 6am on my phone I'll give you 13 Reasons Why You're Breaking my heart Bad You Parked and Rec'd my soul Now I join the Walking Deadwood My trust is a House of Cards My Orange is the New Black Mirror A Game of Boardwalk Empires gives Stranger Thrones than, uhhhh... Westworld Give me your username and password! Thanks! Stream stutter buffering - how could you do this to me? Stream stutter throttling - how could you do this to me? Stream stutter Our bond is Stream stutter Our time is Consider our binging cancelled
I'm here at the grocery store In the frozen food aisle, honeys cracking a smile Done up in pajama pants Sandals and socks left the house without giving it a second thought Dignity bailed out Long ago, but I'm feeling comfortable Hobbling around in your tight slacks, wishin' you could be this relaxed I'm talking about up in the morning, don't wanna get dressed Least amount of effort, forget all the rest Why yes, these are Yoshi pajama pants Thank you for noticing. They're the best. People say I look lazy Can't they see that does not faze me? Judging yet they don't know I am going commando Socks and sandals and pj pants (comfortable) Socks, sandals, pajama pants (relaxing) Socks and sandals and pj pants Socks, sandals, pajama pants I look AWESOME. In my socks and sandals, socks and sandals Socks, sandals, and pajama pants I got my socks and sandals, tell me can you handle? Wait. Let me adjust I'm freeballin' so sometimes it's a must That guy has no self-respect. Laundry neglect? Naw, I'm legit. Wish you had the balls to live this lifestyle Cuz after a while you'd stick to it. Go with the flow Takin' it slow Let yourself go Cuz we both know I'm not taking the fast lane If it's all the same, I'll remain on the comfort train All aboard! Got your ticket? Cross this line, it's a one-way trip Wave goodbye to giving a shit I'm living this life like it's meant to be lived People say that I look lazy Can't they see that does not faze me? Envious, they all stare I'm not wearing underwear! Socks and sandals and pj pants. No restriction Socks, sandals, pajama pants. Zero friction Socks and sandals and pj pants. That must feel awesome Socks, sandals, pajama pants This feels AWESOME. When I'm in my Socks and sandals, socks and sandals Socks, sandals, and pajama pants I got my socks and sandals, tell me can you handle I got them socks. He's got them socks I got them sandals. Open toe! Go to the store in socks, sandals, and pajama pants I got my socks. You got them what? I got flip flops. He's the MAN I'm pumping gas in socks, sandals, and pajama pants
Keys 01:17
Where did I put my keys? Oh no, I really need to leave I'm late. They should be right here but they're not. I've looked everywhere but they are gone. OH! There they are, silly me! That's right. They were in the pants I wore last night. I should not overreact like that. Now where did I put my wallet at? Ah, there it is.
Gurrrrrr 00:31
Moving Day 06:10
Move his stuff. Staring at the wall, what have I committed to? A sacred social pact, something you cannot undo Friendship maintenance and guilt forms a moving crew If I do not help you move then you won't help me move You told us all to be here right at noon yet you are still packing and Guilty of betrayal #1: We're working but you have been slacking Up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs again You hoard all your useless crap you refuse to donate to Goodwill and I sacrifice my weekend to wading through your forsaken loot and We repeatedly ask "What is this? Where's this go? What do you do with this?" I now descend down the stairs prone all alone in the spider basement Up and down and up and down I wish that you were not my friend What is all this pointless shit you kept Ugly lobster tongs from your Uncle Jeff Curse your box that's overstuffed with textbooks you forgot exist It's moving day! Nothing says "Thanks, buddy" Like a $5 Little Caesar's Hot and Ready It's moving day! Nothing gives life meaning Like doing heavy lifting all day and sneezing It's moving day! Nothing says commitment Like the friend with the truck that couldn't make it It's moving day! I just love getting splinters Then whacking my shins before smashing my fingers Move his stuff! There's more stuff! So much stuff! Flinch from that dog that barks every freakin' time you pass by it We disagree please tell me how do you move a goddamn plant Drip on my head now it rains and I'm wet, the boxes are ripping and Spilling all your cables kneeling down, on the ground now my shoes are all squishy DVI and VGA, S-Video and RCA USB 1, 2, and 3, mini, micro, A and B 40-pin IDE, a wired mouse from ‘93 Broken parts you can’t replace, ya better keep ‘em just in case Guilty of betrayal #2: All the restaurants closed and it's too late for food You disappeared 2 hours ago come back and now you smell like reefer Dude, I'm about to beat you to death with this vacuum cleaner It's moving day! So glad it's raining I'm hauling your junk as you stand there complaining It's moving day! Well, this is a treat! The sun's gone down and there's nothing to eat! It's moving day! Betrayal #3 You exaggeratted how quick this would be It's moving day! Havin' so much fun! It's 1:00 am and we're still not done Movin a couch. We're moving a couch Break out the chainsaw, gonna cut it in half! One love seat's now 2 recliners I'll set all your stuff on fire Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground furniture, watch it burn, old apartment, new apartment too Burn it to the ground
Friday night 1994 Me and my friends are stepping through that door To see movies, VHS and DVD On shelves as far as the eye could see Flicks I seek and I would always find Joy in the aisles whatever I desired SNES and NES and Sega Genesis Unless some jerk beat me to the one I wanted should've come a little sooner but I digress One by one I watched them close Or turn into a "Cash for Gold" The movie palace that gave us hope gives out payday loans And this kids will never know Blockbuster Video Every weekend we would go Then we'd bring the movies home Netflix ain't got nothing tonight and Redbox leaves me dead inside My childhood video rental spot is now a parking lot And the kids will never know. Sunday night, it's time to take 'em back It's 11:47, better get to haulin' ass I'm running red lights Ignoring stop signs Cuz last time I didn't pay the late fee a collection agency was coming after me Barely made it! Whew! Little did I know I was rushing to return my final video What can we resort to now? To pretend that we're going out? A sacred ritual lost to time and we can't rewind And the kids will never know Hollywood Video Every weekend I would go and bring my treasures home On-demand can lick my balls And torrenting takes way too long There's only one place that I wanna be, but it's up for lease And the kids will never know. All of those games Wow, what a different time we're living in And the kids'll never know
Flop 04:02
Flop Flop Let me teach you how to flop Gonna teach you how to flop First you put your hands on the ground Then you put your face on the ground Then you put your whole body on the ground And now that you’re down on the ground it’s time to flop Floppin’ all over the floor. You know you flop good when you look like a trout Trying to get air but you can’t, 'cuz you’re a trout On the dance floor. That’s the way to flop Hey watch me flop, ladies love my moves like *ahh* Hey, let’s all drop To the floor and flop flop flop flop Don’t you know the flop? It’s the hottest dance around man When I hear that beat you know I gotta drop then Shake my body like fish up on the dock man This the flop can, you do the flop can You convulse yourself looking like a salmon Swimming up river to the mating beds You gotta flop Like a fishy fishy flop Come on everybody flop Get down on the ground face down and Flop flop around flop to the sound Like a trout I want to teach you how to flop I want to school you how to flop I want you to get down to the floor Get down, get down, and do the flop Oooo you flop so good, Oooo you flop so cool Floppin like a trout, it’s time to flop


"Do" is Psychostick's fifth full-length album! Rejoice with your rejoicing pants - we're still here somehow! With songs like, "From the Heart," "Socks & Sandals," and of course, "Introvert Party Time," you might have to do at least forty push-ups to celebrate this monumental release!


released July 24, 2018

Produced by Joshua Key and Psychostick. Artwork by Kai Ng, Aljon Comahig, Robert Kersey, and Patrick Murphy.


all rights reserved



Psychostick Chicago, Illinois

Psychostick is a comedy metal band who enjoys beer, boobs, and the occasional dichotomy of a bi-partisan government. Wait... what?


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