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We Couldn't Think of a Title

by Psychostick

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KaneSeatHeadrest thumbnail
KaneSeatHeadrest I've been a fan of Psychostick for years now. No, seriously. I love this lampoonary of the angry white boy metal of my childhood. But it's not just that they are funny, but they are legitimately great musicians too and that's what makes this work. Truly one of a kind band. No, seriously. Favorite track: Pluh.
bungled1nuit thumbnail
bungled1nuit hey from the Party With Alaska guy finally got one if your albums beer is good!
Dr. Slade
Dr. Slade thumbnail
Dr. Slade Been listening to this since '06, never stopped ever since. Favorite track: Pluh.
JesmondJester thumbnail
JesmondJester One of four full length absolute bangers from Psychostick. Buy everything. Pick your favourite tracks. Realise that is everything they have done. Repeat. Favorite track: BEER!!!.
Doc Metal
Doc Metal thumbnail
Doc Metal Been a fan since the myspace days.... had my cd stolen so im replacing this great album digitally. Favorite track: Prozak Milkshake.
Indecision 00:58
In a crowd With no escape Is when I feel My privates wake I've got to find Some privacy Or they will see Me scratching me My balls itch! They're itching, I gotta scratch 'em Way down low! My balls are a ball of fire My balls itch! They're itching, I gotta scratch 'em Way down low! My balls are a ball of fire Irritation Toleration Scrotum itching Leaves me bitching Can't endure this Epidermis Scrotum itching Leave me bi--- Tension builds There's got to be A way to end My agony Pockets deep Where no one sees I find the keys To my relief
My car is a PIECE OF SHIT! I wanna drive you off a cliff Watch you crash into a ravine For the things you did to me, you... STUPID CAR! I wanna make myself a pipe bomb Blow yer damn engine back to hell Where I know you're from. Piece of JUNK! You aren't even worth the tow To a junkyard or a place Where you'd sit and lay to waste, I... WISH YOU'D DIE! Oh nevermind, you always do. Can you tell me how much longer it will be Until I'm rid of you? I wish that you'd just get hit by lightning (or something). My confidence in you is sold with every part I buy I guess I'm just a sucker with a lemon So pucker up and kiss another paycheck goodbye! You leak more than a newborn baby I change you oil all the time but STILL you need some more Your fluid puddles come in assorted colors Such wonderous variety of problems galore Will there be a time When I know I can drive Without my car breaking down? And will I ever see It start consistently Without the pain and the suffering My car is a PIECE OF SHIT! I outta give you a swift kick In the muffler, in the tire Or where ever I desire You STUPID CAR! You never get me very far When you decide driving to the store is a mortal sin PIECE OF CRAP! I guess you want a piece of me Since you're leaving all your pieces In the middle of the street You heap of JUNK! I don't know what I'm gonna do I just hope that I don't have to take another day of driving you I swear you must be older than my grandma (and she's dead) The fact you run at all is quite a mystery to me Your miles are approaching seven digits May God have mercy on the soul that's holding the key I'm guess I'm just a little angry But for some reason, getting stranded kinda chaps my hide. You probably think I'm slightly overreacting Has your car ever made you think about suicide?
I've got bad diahrrea It might be a good idea If I found the bathroom quick before I...
I'm lookin' at you After it's all over And I don't feel quite the same That look in your eye Says you don't want me anymore Even though you are to blame Why oh why did this have to happen Why did you do me this way? (Tell me why) You had to leave me all alone (Tell me why) I had to end it all in song (Tell me why) You ran away with my best friend Tell me why I still love you. I came across an old love letter And here's what you had to say: "Would you please pick up a gallon of milk while you're shopping at the store?" What? That's not it... Ah, here it is. You said: "I love you so, you're everything to me. I could love no other one". Yeah, right. Except for maybe, like I said, my best friend And my brother and my dad, and my other brother, and his best friend, and that guy's brother as well, and that one guy that used to come and mow our lawn every Saturday that had a cool tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder and it was really neat and stuff... (Tell me why) You slept with everyone but me (Tell me why) I'm out of words that rhyme with me (Tell me why) You still owe me 3 bucks for that milk Tell me why I still love you. Why did you leave me alone... in the cold, in the darkness? Chained like a dog to the wall in the basement "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Why did you hurt me so bad? Do you have no remorse? When you broke both of my shins with a hammer? "Ow, my fibula!" Tell me why. Tell me why I still love you. Even though you're a bitch. Even though you're a psycho. Even though you should DIE I still love you.
Pluh 05:50
Tearin' down the road doin' ninety in my tiny little Volkswagen on my way toget a tank of gas I passed a cop with a radar gun waitin' for a Sucka like me to drive by goin' way to fast I saw the red and blue in my rear view So I pulled slug bug over to the shoulder of the road He looked me in the nose and said: "Son, do you realize your tires are round?" And I said: "PLUH!" YES, I SAID PLUH. Walkin down the streets in my running shoes lookin' for a showstore So that I can find myself parking spot I bumped into a guy that was wearing nothing but his boxers And a cap that said: "I like tater tots." He said somethin' in latin that I didn't understand And I thought the worst until he pointed at my wrist Then I saw that all he wanted was the time, So I looked at my broken watch, and I said: "PLUH!" YES I SAID PLUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH! If there ever was a word that you heard SO ABSURD It could take the place of ANYTHING that you could say Noun, verb, adverb, statement question Daytime, night-time, anytime, anyone! So remember the next time you forget What you're sayin' in the middle of a sentence- Don't strain your brain to remember the word, Instead look 'em right in the nose and Tell 'em that the answer is: "PLUH!" YES I SAID PLUHHHHHHHHHH!
BEER!!! 02:14
I like beer cause it is good I drink beer because I should If there was a song to sing I sing it and beer you bring I drink beer when I am sad Cuz the beer it makes me glad There is nothing left to say So let's go drink beer. BEER IS GOOD! (x 3) ...AND STUFF! BEER IS GOOD! (x 3) Let's go drink some... BEER! Beer... (x 6) When it's warm it tastes real crappy But cold beer will make me happy When I throw up on the floor I can go and drink some more They say beer will make me done It are go good with pizza Now that we have drunk some beer Let's go drive a car.
I'm depressed So I wrote this song To express Everything that's wrong Like my Mother Wouldn't let me go to a rated R Cool movie At the theater with my friends And I know That you may not think that it's a big deal But you don't understand. You would never understand. You could never understand. You will never understand. Now I'm singing this melody And I don't know the words Cuz my life's just so pitiful Like one big, smelly turd I'm so fat And I'm ugly And I'm dumb And I boring I'm a loser and that's all that I'm ever gonna be No use trying; I could never get anywhere Die, die, BITCH, DIE! (and stuff.) Die, die, WHORE, DIE! (At random.) Die, die, SLUT, DIE! (Who farted?) Die, die, French FRY! (I'm hungry.)
Hey, I get it, you wanna run my life! Why don't you stick an antenna up my ass And make me your own satellite You bitch. Why the hell do you gotta make it so damn tough? I could find a cure for cancer,but it wouldn't be enough You seem to think that I'm a money tree Since your only big concern is: "How much will he spend on me?" That's it! I've had it! I can't take anymore! If you can't see that you're wrong, I can show you to the door. Tell me what do you want from me? My body? My soul? Is there any relief for me? From you? Hell no. I won't listen to you until your mouth is shut. And we don't gotta throw down Just 'cause the toilet seat's up. I know that you suck I know that you blow I know that I'm fucked I know that I can't say no. You've got the nerve to tell me how to drive When you've been in so many wrecks It's amazing you're alive. Plus you're hogging all the oxygen since all you do is talk Give me one good reason not to make you get out here and walk. NO, that doesn't mean I think you're overweight. I tell you all the time, "I think that you look great!" But hey, does it matter with anything I say? Since I'm always wrong (and didn't do the dishes yesterday) I know that you suck I know that you blow I know that I'm fucked
Dog Food Tastes Good With Cheese
I can feel you in my heart even though we drift apart And those words you spoke to me though I always disagree And I listen to the sound of your sweet voice 'cuz you won't shut up Now I'm finished, let me call you a taxi Woah yeah. Woah-oh. I don't feel that I'm feeling your feelings about these feeling that you feel (woah romance) And you know that I love you when we're FUCKIN' 'Cuz orgasm equals love All my friends smile and they chuckle at pictures of your bare moose knuckle Please don't feel like you're a slut When I'm peeing in your butt And I love to donkey punch you after I poop on your sheets And I do it 'cause you love me and I love you (awww) Woah yeah. Woah some more. I don't feel that I'm feeling your feelings About these feelings that you feel And I love you when you show me your sweet boobies 'Cuz orgasm equals love I don't feel that I'm feeling your feelings About these feelings that you feel *Joshy quits the band* Let's get married and have babies... just kidding! Cuz orgasm equals love Cuz erections equal love Cuz ejaculation equals love Cuz... (you don't wanna know)
Good Morning 01:37
Wake Up! Touch that snooze button, and I'll rip off your ...uh, EAR! Yeah, that's it! You're EAR! Wake Up! "I don't wanna get up!" I said Wake Up! "I don't wanna get up" Come on, Wake Up! "I don't wanna get up!" WAKE UP! "I don't wanna get up!" ROOOOOAAAAAAWWWWRRR! You better get up! You better get up! You better get up before I starting singing you a... SONG!
Sick of being a loser Turned down at every turn Tired of being rejected I'm the king of crash and burn. What am I gonna do now? I need a little plan... WAIT! I bet they would want me... With a microphone in hand. Cause I'm sick of this rejection Gotta get me some affection If I wanna score, I gotta upgrade my image. So I'll dub myself a singer Give the rules a middle finger Say I do it for the music, NOT the Money. Though that's true I know that... All I want is chicks. All HE wants is chicks. All THEY want it chicks. ALL WE WANT IS CHICKS! (x 5) ...chicks. ...boobs. Yeah ALL WE WANT IS - A little booty. Look at me in the spotlight Sweat glistens off my brow Take my shirt off and show off Time to flaunt my physique now Look at the girls all screaming With their faces turning red Know that each look I give them Makes them want to give me... heh heh Well I know they'll like me better Than that loser Eddie Vetter Or James Hetfield cuz I know I'm better looking And I wish my crush from high school Saw me now and feels like a fool Cause I asked her out a hundred times And she said, "NO!" Her loss. Still I know...
Well you see, I wanna sell a million records But my music sucks, so what am I to do? They say an artist is appreciated after he's dead I have no talent, but I bet that it's still true. The lyrics all suck and the chords are too funky We're on a major label cuz we're just plain lucky We sold 4 albums to our own mothers we have a few supporters... (but there aren't many others) What if I could live when they all would think I'm dead? Oh just what if I could have me a cake, and eat it too? I'd be set for life, no more struggles, no more strife Let the money do the talking; I'm a dead man walking. Kill myself, and all our record sales will shoot up like an addict, or that poser Emineim Make it mystery and let them spot me just like Elvis It wouldn't matter, cause I'd still be dead to them I'd simply sit back in a house all secluded Out in the forest, self sufficient (pool included) Let my name take the place of Fred Durst I could have it all, if my label doesn't kill me first.
ABCDEath 01:07
I know I promised I'd write you a love song But instead I just wrote you a drunk song Because love is pathetic but 70 proof is no less than pathetic You look your best when my vision is blurry That's not what I meant I can't keep from slurring Because love is emetic but not if you bought me a shot and I hit it Drink 'till you're crazy Dance 'till you're sick Take off your bra Give it to the stick Drink 'till you're crazy Dance 'till you're sick Acknowledge the dumb Give in to the stick I can't see Now I have to pee and I can't count to three but I can count to Jagermeister Chug Chug Chug my Jagermeister!


Psychostick's first ever full length record! Originally released in 2003, "We Couldn't Think of a Title" received local critical acclaim and "BEER!" was eventually picked up by satellite radio followed up by playing "Jagermeister Love Song," "Two Ton Paperweight," and "ABCDEath." Soon other radio stations started picking it up and Psychostick decided to find a way to distribute it to stores and take things on the road.
"We Couldn't Think of a Title" was then rereleased in 2006 through Rock Ridge Music with two bonus tracks, ABCDEath and Jagermeister Love Song.


released August 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Psychostick Chicago, Illinois

Psychostick is a comedy metal band who enjoys beer, boobs, and the occasional dichotomy of a bi-partisan government. Wait... what?


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