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Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3​-​D

by Psychostick

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Chris Ross
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Chris Ross Great riffage, with poignant and hilarious lyrics. Favorite track: Political Bum.
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JesmondJester My favourite track is 'Sadface :('...no, my favourite is 'because boobs'....no, my favourite is aaaragh I don't know which one is my favourite because they're all so freaking good! Favorite track: Sadface :(.
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FiTZ Psychostick continue to explore various areas of guitar music - from heavy metal to rock ballads, with a hint of funk here and there - all in the effort to give us some good laughs. Great parodies of entire genres and specific songs -- with absolutely hilarious and surprisingly poignant lyrics, Comedy gold -- and a great metal album. Favorite track: Methane Crescendo.
What's up bitches? We are PSYCHOSTICK. I like to yell things into the microphone And say bad words - monkeyfucker! You know where you're at right now? Take a wild guess. You're at a concert You're at show. This is a concert. This is a show. Live shows are heavy Concerts are heavy Start up a moshpit Mosh pits are badass Start up a moshpit Go fuck some shit up Makes some fucking noise! Let me see those horns Show me your middle fingers Now get your keys in the air Now Fucking jingle those keys. Put your keys away. And Give your neighbor hug. You're at a concert! Concerts are badass! You're at a live show! Live shows are bad, Fuckin', ASS!
Sadface :( 03:27
I read the other day that Bob was sad because his girlfriend was talking to her ex when she found that he had sex with his ex wife that ruined his life by making post about the time he cheated on her with his old boss now he's single, and unemployed and he said his life is completely destroyed AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT Sally made a post about eating a chocolate lasagna pizza which she eats every time she feels alone and I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Then Sam replied that he's there for her and she can come over to dry her tears I know that he's plotting to get her drunk and I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! Hey you, what do you read? Something negative or something bleak? Your digital confessions of depression are an obsession The lack of your discretion leads to my increased aggression You make me wanna punch you right in the face... book. Sadface emoticon I'm formatting my social life and you don't belong. YOU'RE GONE No more attention for the shit that don't matter I'm apathetic towards your blubbering blather John just made a post proclaiming he's hasn't eaten since noon today A burger and fries sound really good and I DON'T GIVE A SHIT And Jack replied like "Dude, next time won't you ASK if you want me to get you something" Then Lisa said you shouldn't eat meat AND I THINK I'M GONNA HIDE YOUR POST, HIDE YOUR BLOG I don't give a shit, shut up. All that I ever wanted Was to reach out to my friends Instead I'm drowning in sea of Bitching, whining, moaning and Complaining about the weather BLOCK Fighting with your lover BLOCK Griping about the government BLOCK Preaching about the environment BLOCK I hate my parents... BLOCK I lost my wallet... BLOCK I'm totally bored... BLOCK I feel so... BLOCK I... BLOCK But... BLOCK Please... BLOCK Awwww, did I hurt your feelings? Oh well, I guess I'll never know. I've put up with the dramathon for way too long. YOU'RE GONE I'll do with away with all the Jerry Springer By clicking delete using my middle finger
Boobs should always be in my face So bring them over to my place Guys know what it's all about Victoria, your Secret's out All bras do is get in the way So let yo puppies out to play Squish them boobs all up on me Hell yeah. Happy and bouncy and jiggly wiggly Rounded mounds just leave me all giggly A couple of supple and simple delights can Bring out a smile in every straight man Now I want you to reveal what you've concealed Lose the bra, so that I can cop a feel. (MAMMARY GLANDS IN DEMAND!) Glory to boobs, fleshy mountains up high They're so wonderful they make me want to cry I wanna grab 'em I wanna shake 'em I wanna NOM NOM BECAUSE BOOBS I wanna squeeze 'em I wanna slap em I wanna punch 'em BECAUSE BOOBS. Boobs go bouncy when you dance Worthy of a second glance Shimmy them ladies to and fro My happiness begins to show/grow If I had a room full of boobs That would be my favorite room If you think your boobs just get in the way You are wrong. Boobs are great. Men with boobs I do not like Put on a shirt and take a hike Chicks with boobs are really cool Especially when they're in a pool ABC's are all okay As long as they never go away Consensual sex is alright with me I really like your boobs. Now I want you to reveal what you've concealed Lose the bra, so that I can cop a feel. (MAMMARY GLANDS IN DEMAND!) Thy boobs be done 'cuz they're funbags of fun A golden bosom shining brightly like the sun Now we all know where this song's about to go Start your engines, cuz it's time to motorboat Don't be a jerk, don't you dare put them away If you did, then I wouldn't see your boobs There's your boobs There they are! Boobs.
*various pointless hateful insults* Don't you hate when you walk down the street and you see somebody that you hate? Don't you hate when you wake and you're late and you think of something that you hate Don't you hate when your mom's gonna bake you a cake and the frosting is grape? Don't you hate when you're out on a date at the lake and she wants to procreate? Embrace your hate Hate tastes great Hate your hate Love to hate Hate times eight HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Don't you hate when you can't concentrate while you skate and you can't figure eight? Don't you hate when you buy real estate with a loan with a high interest rate? Don't you hate Alexander the Great in a cape as conquers Kuwait? Don't you hate when you mate's overweight and you're waiting for a chance to masturbate? Embrace Hate Hate tastes great Traslate Hate Haas ist groB (YA) Hate long naps Hate ice caps Hate romance Hate wearin' pants Hate cholesterol Hate the name Paul Hate no food Hate youtube Don't you hate sunny days when the weather is great and there's nothing to hate. Don't you hate when you paid for a crate full of bait and you dislike fishing? Great dislike. Hate your bike. Hate flying kites. Hate snake bites. Hate flying snakes Hate is great. Appreciate All my hate. Hate times eighteen! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE
She was all alone in this imperfect world And was very, very lonely Nobody really understood just how she felt Till one day she slipped on a banana peel Then there he was, he picked her up And asked her, "Hey, are you okay?" He was tall and dark, and strong and kind, And sensitive with washboard abs, and it was BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Knights in shining armor haven't been around since the middle ages No one will love you till you've gotten through all your depression stages Pull your head out of your ass, and go hit the stairmaster Learn to paint, or take some yoga, 'cuz your Life is not a complete disaster. He's been friends with her since they were five But she's in love with some other guy He tried to get her to feel the same way about him But she hasn't come around yet Her boyfriend then cheated on her with A cheerleader and seventeen strippers Her best friend said she's too good for him. What she needs is probably right in front of her She began to think 'bout the guy who was always there for her And realized they were meant for each other She looked for him, but his car broke down So he's all alone walking in the rain She runs after him, as she called his name, and it was BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Five bucks says that she totally wouldn't taken back the guy that cheated on her The notion of him ever getting out of the friend-zone is absurd Pull your head out of your ass, get a life or something Make some friends, and chase your dreams, 'cuz you Won't get chicks with your low self esteem. She walked into a party looking beautiful He couldn't look away There eyes met, and it was love at first BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Romeo and Juliet is a fairy tale and nothing more. You've gotta go around and date a bunch of duds before you finally score Pull your head out of your ass There's no perfect soulmate Let it go, 'cuz movies are just a Place to go on an average date. Pull your head out of your ass Embrace the disappointment Pull your head out of your ass 'Cuz that movie romance is all bullshit.
I was taking a walk during my lunch break, and came across a man in a dirty brown jacket covered with many political bumper stickers that had contradicting slogans. He looked me right in the eye, and then he said: Keep it down, the FBI is watching me They bugged my lunchbox because I know their filthy schemes They're going door to door and taking everybody's jobs The CIA gave me LSD Political bum, Political bum He's got his opinions and a bottle of rum. He used to be a hippie now he lives on the streets Striking up debates with everyone that he meets. Political bum I tried to get away, but he followed me, holding up his sign that said, "Will eat for food." My avoidance seemed to fuel his passion, and I braced myself for another barrage of confusing rhetoric. I lost my balls to a bomb in Koreatnam They have sex tape Kim Jon Ill and Uncle Sam Mountain Dew is a fundamental human right You sank my partisanship The sun was beginning to set at this point, and I could tell that he was just getting warmed up. Insane or not, you had to admire his dedication to his ideals. Whatever they are. Tinfoil helmet is protecting my brain waves The DMV is run by alien sex slaves 911 was an upside job Somebody kill the fucking whales Republican or Democrat, you can't really tell But your eyes start to water when you notice the smell You won't never get me back on a plane I caught herpes from the TSA JFK shot Abraham Lincoln Somebody give me some change I see him on the corner almost everyday I think he takes his showers at the YMCA
That Guy 01:20
Alright, who did? Who did it? ADMIT IT. Admit to your transgression a guilty conscience needs confession. Don't dare deny it. Don't hide it. Don't fight it. Denied abominations will lead to investigations. You gotta take responsibility for your flatulence, for your gas. You gotta be accountable for silent death that you're unleashing, for all the products of your ass... Oh, God! It's the wraith of the burrito! Roll down the window! A methane crescendo! Alright, that does it. That does it. WHO WAS IT? We'll find the guilty party who's been doing all the farting Somebody's lying! You're lying. He's lying! We'll beat the truth out of you for the suffering we've gone through. It's the wraith of a taco! Roll down the window! Or maybe the nachos The gas is building up. It's reaching lethal doses. We all will soon be found, dead holding our noses. OH GOD! It's smells like death in here! The time for truth is near because He that smelt it dealt it. He that sniffs it gives it. He who denied it supplied it What do you mean? It wasn't me. IT WASN'T! Oh, maybe it was. HA HA HA HA SMELL MY STENCH YOU FUCKERS.
I met her one day at the grocery store She had a jar of pickles and ingredients for smores I said to her smores are sweet but I'm sweeter She laughed and said "Sure you are, make me a believer" Oh smores. I met her later for a cup of coffee Something strange about the way she looked at me I took her hand, pulled her close, then I kissed her "Don't ever leave me" she said in a creepy whisper. Oh shit. My new clingy girlfriend... loves to text me all night My clingy girlfriend is jealous of all kinds of Women, my friends, my dog my Xbox All of the above gotta be second to my clingy girlfriend. A year goes by, and she moves in with me My man cave is now pink and there are tampons under the sink I had a drum set I played but she pawned it At her friends wedding, she reached for the bouquet and she caught it AWKWARD. She spends her time looking at wedding dresses Rings and cakes and flowers YEAH, she's kindof obsessed I think it's time to consider other options Cuz I suspect that she's poking holes in the condoms. Need proof. I made her a cupcake to soften the blow when I told her "I'm not ready for this level of commitment" She grabbed for a fork then stabbed me in the arm and began to pull my hair out while expressing her resentment And then she told me she would murder my whole family, my coworkers and the girl who took my order that day at Wendy's then she set the house on fire, and ran screaming right outside and I felt guilty as the flames reflected off her teary eyes. So I took her back and now she won't let me have my car or my dog or my beer or my porn, my bathroom, my guitar, my pool table, my camera. my iPhone, my website, my Macbook Pro or my iPad my vitamins or my coffee maker the internet or my waffle iron my tools my washer dryer combo riding lawnmower my fuel filter or my PS3, or my sousaphone or my fishing pole or my life.
Dentist, going to the dentist and it's gonna SUCK. Sitting in the waiting room Waiting for my turn to sit on the throne of pain. While filling out various legal documents All starting to look the same. My insurance information and my medical history I don't know if they want me to "Excuse me, did you have any questions about the form?" YES. As a matter of fact I do. Do I feel out this part here too? "No, don't worry about that, we fill that part out. If you're ready the doctor will see you now." "Hello, I'm Dr. Taylor. How are you today?" FINE. "That's great! What we're gonna do is take a few x-rays then we'll see what we need to take care of, okay?" Sit back regret how it all has come to this I know that I should have been brushing All that plaque was having a party I've been dreading this exact moment Open wide, the fun begins now she's Putting a buncha shit in my mouth Now I'm feeling Pain, suck, sucking pain, that sucks. Poking and prodding and pressing and probing and pulling all feels utterly violating Suck, pain. Painful suck. That hurts. Drilling and filling and digging and yanking and Scraping is something I think is unnerving Smooth jazz adds to my misery, easy listening while they are raping my poor teeth I lost a fight to tooth decay, tooth extraction Feels like they're digging out my brains This is not the oral care I prefer! I've got a bunch of cavities to fill before another tooth falls out Lie helpless and let them dig out the nerve I need another shot of Novocain to numb it while my teeth get plowed
Numbers 04:14
One, two, five, four, me count so poor. (gonna count, gonna count, gonna count now) One, I can count to one. Two, I can count to two. Three, I can count to three. Four, I can't count no more. One, what comes after one? Two. What comes after two? Three. What comes after three? FOUR. I can only count to four. One, two, nine, ten. Lost count again. (gonna, count, gonna count, gonna count now). The numbers have all beaten you. You never made it through middle school. Your edu-ma-cation failed your mind. Now the numbers have left your brain behind. You can only count to four. We can only count to four. Math and numbers Lots of numbers


released August 16, 2011


all rights reserved



Psychostick Chicago, Illinois

Psychostick is a comedy metal band who enjoys beer, boobs, and the occasional dichotomy of a bi-partisan government. Wait... what?


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